English Drama Groups im deutschsprachigen Raum – Übersicht

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English Drama Groups im deutschsprachigen Raum:

Gruppen an Universitäten
Augsburg: American Drama Group
Bamberg: Bamberg University English Drama Group
Berlin: TU English Drama Group (discontinued)
Bielefeld: Bielefeld University’s English Drama Group
Bochum: The Ednas (English drama ‘n’ acting society)
Bonn: University Shakespeare Company
Bremen: Parlement of Foules
Duisburg / Essen: DUET Duisburg University English Thespians
Erlangen: English Drama Society
Frankfurt/Main: Chaincourt Theatre
Frankfurt/Oder: Viadrina English Theatre Group
Freiburg: ManiACTs
Göttingen: The English Drama Workshop
Hamburg: University Players
Hannover: English Theatre Group
Heidelberg: Drama Group
Kassel: Red Brick Company
Leipzig: English Drama Group
Mainz: Day Old Theatre
Mannheim: ATG Anglistische Theatergruppe Uni Mannheim
München: English Drama Group
Münster: English Drama Group
Potsdam: English Drama Group
Regensburg: The Regensburg University Players, too
Reutlingen: The (Business) English Theatre Project
Salzburg: English Drama Group
Saarbrücken: ACT Saarland Anglicists’ Contemporary Theatre
Stuttgart: ACTS Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart
Trier: English Drama Group
Tübingen: The Anglo-Irish Theatre Group, The Provisional Players
Ulm: uetp
Würzburg: English Drama Group
Zürich: Drama Group

Freie Gruppen / Professionelles Theater

Basel: Semi-Circle
Bern: Upstage
Bonn: The Bonn Players
Frankfurt: Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre e.V.
Gießen: The Keller Theatre e.V.
Hamburg: Hamburg Players e.V.
Heidelberg: Roadside Theater
Köln: Port in Air
Magdeburg: English Theatre Company
München: Entity Theatre e.V.
Osnabrück: The Ostensibles
NEAT New English and American Theatre
Kelley Theatre

2 Responses to English Drama Groups im deutschsprachigen Raum – Übersicht

  1. Please include our theater group, Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT), in your list. Thanks!

  2. Abigail Paul says:


    We are an English-language theater company in Frankfurt am Main. We teach acting improvisation, and we perform English-language plays. We would appreciate being listed on your site, in the Free Theater groups. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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